Our Quality

Some grill companies think it's ok for a pre-recorded message to tell you, leave a message, and we'll get back to you....(if we get around to it). Here at GrillPartsSearch.com, we beg to differ! We keep normal operating hours, we answer your calls or return them if you leave a message, we respond to your emails. Even if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll try to help you find it someplace else. In short, WE CARE about customer service!

Well, it's the same story with the quality of the parts we sell. We don't try to find the cheapest-made parts we can get away with. In fact, we do almost the opposite. We search different manufacturers and compare parts to find the best-made parts available.

OEM vs. After-Market

Many people believe that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are superior to after-market ones. Though this may be true in some industries, this is NOT THE CASE when it comes to gas grills. As we have learned from years of selling grill parts (and it makes sense if you think about it), most grill manufacturers are large companies selling hundreds of thousands of grills yearly in large retail outlets ("big box stores"). They are grill companies. They make money selling grills. Their motivation is to keep the costs down (which results in cheaper parts) to maximize profit. They are not motivated to provide long-lasting, quality parts. If they did, their customers would not have to buy another grill as soon, and they would sell fewer grills! There are of course exceptions to this rule, high-quality grill manufacturers such as MHP and Broilmaster (Weber used to be, recently sold majority stake to multinational) who realize their reputations are more important than short-term profits. Our focus of course is on parts. We know that if we do not provide our customers with quality, we will not retain our reputation or our referral business. And don't worry, though our parts are not necessarily made BY your grill manufacturer, they are designed specifically to FIT YOUR GRILL!

Repair or Replace? One thing we hear from customers after they get a quote is "that's almost as much as I paid for my whole grill!" It's true, if you are replacing all the parts in your grill, it can be almost as much or even more than you paid for the grill to begin with. This does not necessarily mean you should throw out your grill and get a new one! Remember that the parts we sell are usually better than the ones that came in your grill, so you are not just replacing the old parts, you're actually giving your grill an "upgrade" with our higher-quality, higher-performance parts. If you go out and get another new grill, you will most likely be facing the same question again soon. Repair your grill with quality components from GrillPartsSearch.com which will outlast the cheaper parts in a brand new grill. Plus save yourself the hassle of shopping for, delivering and assembling a new grill, and disposing of your old one. Of course, if the body of your grill is warped or severely rusted, it really is time to replace it! Still not sure? ...read more

Not all stainless steel is created equal! Have you ever bought something that was "stainless" steel only to be disappointed with the quality or longevity of the product? Companies may legally refer to their products as "stainless" steel if they meet certain minimum requirements. This does not mean the product is going to perform satisfactorily. The vast majority of our stainless steel burners and heat plates are made right here in the U.S. (You can tell if it's made here by the U.S. flag on the product image or the product description). We have visited the factory where these parts are made and met the owner of the company. The metal is thicker. It is stronger. And out of hundreds of thousands sold, we have only ever had to replace a handful of our US-Made stainless steel burners or heat plates under warranty. Read more about stainless steel here.

Is USA-Made Always Better?

Not necessarily. But working with domestic suppliers really increases the reliability and consistency of the quality that we expect. (A few years ago, we sold several hundred Taiwan-Made tube burners. It may come as no surprise, but the "stainless" steel burners did not last as long. Our original USA-Made burners far outlasted those made in Taiwan. We immediately switched back and decided to sell American-Made stainless steel whenever possible from then on.)

Non-U.S. Stainless Steel

In some cases, it may be impossible or cost-prohibitive to obtain a certain stainless part domestically. In these cases, we ensure the overseas product meets our high-quality requirements for thickness and durability, and offer still offer a product warranty and our industry-leading customer support for your purchase.


Due to environmental and workplace regulations, it is cost-prohibitive to obtain domestic cast iron parts. Once again, we obtain the highest-quality cast burners and cooking grids available from Asia, through our primary supplier of these parts, Modern Home Products. MHP has been importing cast iron grill parts for many years, and has a network of trusted and quality-producing overseas foundries. We have compared our cast iron to that of other manufacturers. It is thicker, denser, and more uniform in consistency. It is harder to break and lasts longer. It is also cast in as few pieces as possible, meaning more structural strength and resistance to rust.

Other Parts

With our less critical grill parts (ignitors, handles, brushes, etc.) it may not always be clear where they are manufactured, and country of origin can and does change from season to season. This is where our relationship with MHP is once again very beneficial. When you work with a company that has been making and selling quality products in the gas grill business for over 50 years, that trust goes a long way. And predictably we have had only a few quality issues with any of the thousands and thousands of parts we have sent out over the years.