Who Grills in the Fall? Tips for Smoking on Your Grill.

Just because it’s October, and we’ve officially moved into fall, don’t close up your grilling shop yet! Smoking on your grill is a great activity as the weather gets cooler.

If it’s not so covered in snow you can’t lift the hood, we think you should still grill!

Sure, you might not feel like burger and hot dogs are the best menu items out there, since it might leave your neighbors wondering if you know which month we’re in. Even so, there are lots of things you can put on the grill that are totally seasonally appropriate.

How about some smoked goodness? Doesn’t that sound autumn-esque? Check out the post we have on smoking on your grill here. There are lots of foods just begging for the additional smoky flavor a slow cook on your grill provides. One of the things you’ll need is smoking chips. We have a whole page dedicated to smoking accessories for your gas grill.

Consider a low and slow cook on some pork or beef ribs right there in your gas grill. It can be done! If you want to do something larger like a pork butt or pork picnic, just remember to give yourself enough time! Most smoking authorities allocate 10-12 hours for a pork butt. Get some smoky flavor into your next batch of chicken wings or even throw a dozen bratwursts on the grill at a low temperature. The smoky air created by the smoking chips and the low temperature will give your brats a flavor far richer than straight out of the package. Don’t forget the famous beef brisket. Here’s a highly rated recipe from the Food Network for a smoked brisket. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Oklahoma Joe’s Smoked Brisket Flat

Happy Grilling! -GG