Turkey Day!! Thanksgiving Turkey on The Grill

this turkey on the grill article was updated june 2021

Anyone out throwing a turkey on the grill this Thanksgiving?

I looked around at some recipes and it seems to me that you cook a turkey on the grill pretty much the same way you cook a turkey in the oven. The only difference is that you’ll get some really amazing flavor from using the grill. What you’ll want to order now is some gas grill smoking chips. Before you begin, preheat your oven and gather supplies. Completely defrost your turkey before putting it on the grill. You’ll also need an aluminum drip pan and some seasonings. We recommend picking up a bottle of white wine as well because it adds a great base of flavor if your pour some in that drip pan. Grab your preferred seasonings for the outside of your turkey and that’s about it!

Here are the basic tips for turkey on the grill:

1) Use a medium-high heat setting on your grill.

The heat definitely needs to be indirect so MAKE SURE the heat tents or briquettes that cover your burners are in good shape!!

2) Place an aluminum pan

on top of the briquettes or heat tents in your grill and directly under your bird. This pan will catch the juices and evaporate them back for more deliciousness.

3) Season the bird

with salt, pepper and oil, or anything else you normally use and tie the legs as normal. (Cook your stuffing in the house).

4) Place the bird in the grill breast side up.

5) Grill for 11 to 13 minutes per pound

(instant read thermometer should say 180 degrees F and the juices will run clear).

6) Let it stand for 15 minutes

before you carve it and serve it to all those amazed faces.

Check out this video from the Grill Girl where she puts her turkey on a grill!

Yup, you’re the bomb!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all.


Master your turkey on the grill this Thanksgiving

This turkey was smoked on a grill at my very own house.
(and it was fantastic)