Do you Ship to Canada?

It’s Easier Than Ever to Grill in Canada!

It’s pretty warm down in Georgia today and we think – we HOPE – that the warm weather is here to stay.

Every now and then, we get a call from a grilling devotee from our northern neighbors across the border – hello Canada!!

Well, we think everyone everywhere should repair their grill instead of buying new, so we’ve done a lot of work to save our Canadian customers more money and make it easier to get parts for their grills.

The North American Free Trade Agreement ensures that grillers across North America can buy, sell, and ship parts to each other without fees and duties that can really rack up a bill.

There’s only one caveat – the parts have to be made in North America to qualify. That’s why it’s great a majority of our most popular parts are indeed manufactured here in the USA.
Canadian Flag - Canadians Love to Grill and We Love Canada

Doesn’t it look like a lovely day to grill?

Maple Leaf - Canadians Love to Grill and We Love Canada

So, in a word, yes. We DO ship to Canada!!


2 thoughts on “Do you Ship to Canada?

  1. I have a Vermont Casting MODEL #VC200 3LP
    Serial #VC2002DP03120947
    I like to know if the side burner that you show fitts Code SBA2-P

    • Hey Michael!

      The side burner we sell is not made for the Vermont Castings grill. However, if you call the customer service (877-244-0737) at GrillPartsSearch, we can send your inquiry over to the special orders department and see if they can find the exact side burner you need.


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