Finding Your Model Number – with Video

Hey y’all! Grill girl here!!!

Today we’re going to be finding the model number on a Charbroil 463268606

You can use these tips to find the model number on most types of grills. And don’t worry – if you can’t find the model number or the number is illegible, we can still help you fix your grill.

On grills with front doors, the best place to check first is inside the doors. If the model number isn’t there, try going around the the back of the grill.

You’ll be looking for a label or sticker that has tiny print. Usually the model number will be listed along with certification information and maybe even a serial number.

We’ve also written post about how different manufacturer’s format their model numbers so you know what to look for. You can find that post here: What’s a Model Number?

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3 thoughts on “Finding Your Model Number – with Video

  1. i have a broilmaster grill nodel #d49n ser #9606030
    looking for racks for top and for coal grill rack
    also a new face plate that shows gas on and off also the spark on an off

  2. Hello,
    Wonder if you guys can help me?
    I would like to find the serial number on my Char-Broil Quantum (infrared heat)cooking system.
    Where is it ??

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