Is That a Set?

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether we sell products in sets or individually. Most of our products we sell individually. You can always look at the picture though, if you’re not sure. If there’s one in the picture, they are sold individually. If there’s more than one in the picture, it’s a set.

Here’s one of our sales reps, Cadarius, on the how he explains it to customers:

Customer: I’m looking to buy some heat plates for my grill. Is the price on your website for a package of 3?
Cadarius: The price on our website is per piece, we sell those heat plates individually.
Customer: Well that’s a little much for one.
Cadarius: The price of our products might be a little higher than the prices you see from competitors or on Amazon. The reason is because the majority of our heat plates are stainless steel and made is the USA. This means they will last longer and perform better than the porcelain coated heat plates or lower quality steel plates you might find elsewhere.

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The main take-away here? You get what you pay for – and also, you get what’s pictured.

As always, if you have any questions, just call!!


2 thoughts on “Is That a Set?

  1. I’m looking to replace my grease drip pan for a Savor Pro 3-burner gas grill, the measurement ar 14 1/2 wide x 24″ length wise. I’ve looked all over for this and haven’t had any success in finding one. If you have it could you provide the availibility and price. Thank you

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the question! At this time, we don’t have the exact replacement for your Savor Pro. If you have the model number for that 3-burner grill, I might be able to do a deeper search for an OEM replacement. In the meantime, here is a link the the part we have that is the closest in size to the dimensions you gave. It is a grease tray for Vermont Castings and it is a little larger than your original:
      So, the piece might fit, but it might be too big to fit in. You should measure the inside of your grill base to see it if would work. The other question is whether or not the slant of the tray will work in your grill. Let me know if you have any other questions!
      Thanks and I hope you can get back to grilling’ soon!
      -Grill Girl

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