Measure the Gas Grill Burner How-to (with video)

How to Correctly Measure the Gas Grill Burner in Your Grill

Hey Y’all!! Grill Girl here! Time for another helpful video. Today we’re talking about how to correctly measure the gas grill burner in your grill so you can find the right replacement.

It’s time to replace your burner when the holes are clogged up, the metal is flaking apart, or you can see a hole in your burner. You may notice uneven flames or a big hot spot when you’re grilling.

How-To measure the burner in your grill:

  • Remove the burner from your grill before measuring
    ** There is often a hitch pin or screw holding your burner in place at the back of your grill. Look for that first. Keep in mind that the old burner may have a lot of rust corroding in such a way that it’s bound the burner to the frame of the grill. It may take a little work and force to get it out. Do not force the burner too much. If you can’t remove it, check around the valve for anything else holding it in place. Locating a new valve is infinitely harder than measuring and replacing the new gas grill burner.
  • Measure the entire length of the burner piece from front to back.
    **The front of the burner is where there is a large hold that fits over the valve.
  • If your burner is not linear, also measure the width at the widest spot.
    **This measurement will help you insure an miscellaneous or unusual style burner gets the exact fit replacement.

That’s what you need to know to get the correct replacement for your grill! If your burner is in pieces or is a very confusing shape, give us a call!!

As always, we’re happy to help!!

Go get your grill ready!! Grill something this weekend!


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11 thoughts on “Measure the Gas Grill Burner How-to (with video)

  1. I have an old Preway natural gas grill, model no. GR2020-1 (post mounted), that I need parts for. Do you stock parts for this type model gas grill, and how can I order the exact (or replacement)parts?


    • Jesus,

      We do have parts listed under GR2020 which is very likely the same model minus the -1.  You would need to compare our dimensions with the current parts in your grill.  Parts listed under your model number are a burner that is in the shape of an “H” that measures 19-1/2” x 8-1/8” and the dual venturis that are 7” tall that connect the burner to the valve on your grill for the post control grill.  We have a choice of either a steel porcelain coated cooking grid (14-3/8” x 11-3/4”) or a nickel/chrome plated cooking grid (14-1/4 x 11-7/8”).  We carry the briquette grate which measures 12-1/2” x 22” for the lava rock or briquettes used to protect your burner from grease and to distribute the heat evenly from your burner.  We have a universal warming rack that should fit your grill.  This is 21-1/2” x 6”. 
      You can enter an order through our website using your credit/debit card or your PayPal account.  In the search field on the home page enter Preway GR2020 and the parts for this grill will come up on the screen.  If you prefer, call us at 877-244-0737 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you with the parts you need.

  2. I have a phoenix Grille. I am not sure the model number but the burner is 15 inches. I am planning on hooking it up to natural gas. I understand that I need a new burner for that. Do you stock natural gas burners?

    • Hi Doug!
      The part you actually need to change out is the valve, not the burner. The valve will regulate the gas, whether natural or liquid propane, to the appropriate pressure for the burner.
      We may be able to locate the natural gas valve for your Phoenix grill, but we will need more information. Please give us a call 877-244-0737 and ask for our Special Orders Department!

      Thanks for your question!

  3. I have a broil-mate model number 1955-64 and want to replace the burner. I’m not sure how to remove the burner. Does it pull out or is there a screw(s) someplace I have to unscrew?

    • Hi Roger! On Your Broil-Mate 1955-64, there should be an H-shaped burner. It’s probably not screwed into the grill anywhere. The tubes that come from the bottom of the burner (venturi tubes) will be connected to the valve so definitely remove the entire piece carefully. If you feel any resistance, check around the burner for any hitch pins that might be holding the burner in place.

  4. Hello,

    I have a Master Forge Grill Model: BG179A
    and need to replace the burners, do you have them?
    And also I need the interior lights to be replace, bulb and glass cover plate.