Only One Burner Lights on My Grill – How To Fix

Got the fridge stocked for barbeque, but your gas grill isn’t working properly? Only one burner lights, but can’t get all your burners lit?

If only one burner lights, itcould be any number of malfunctions with your gas grill. Below are some of the most common issues we find with gas grills when some or all of the gas grill burners aren’t lighting, or the burner won’t light evenly all the way around.

When Grill Girl takes questions from customers, often you ask “why is it that only one burner lights in my grill?

The most common answer to why only one burner lights is that the carryover tube has rusted out and is not working. Oftentimes, a grill will have an ignitor on one grill burner but not on any of the rest of the burners. The carry over tube or bracket brings the light or flame from the lit burner to the unlit ones. Luckily, it’s an easy fix! Remove the carryover tube, measure it, and find a replacement. They are inexpensive and simple to replace.

Check out this Grill Girl video for a visual explanation: has dozens of replacement carryover tubes and brackets. Our parts are stainless steel and made to fit exactly in your grill. Measure your original piece to find an accurate replacement. If you don’t have the original piece, measure the distance between the burners where the tube would sit.

Carryover tubes take the flame from the lit burner to the unlit burners.

Already checked the carryover tube and found that it was working properly?

There are also other reasons it could be that only one burner lights. It could be a problem with the gas flow in your grill. Debris in your manifold or valves can block gas from reaching your grill burners. Check for debris around the valves and knobs like built-up grime, dust, or even spider webs. Alternatively, you might need to replace the regulator and hose. Regulators can go bad after time. There’s a safety mechanism that shuts off gas flow so it doesn’t create a safety hazard. You can browse available regulator-hose replacements here.

Only One Burner Lights But You Hear Clicking?

Is your gas grill is not lighting, but you hear a loud clicking sound or snap when you push the button? The good news is that your grill ignitor starter is working. You could have an issue with the electrode or wire portion of your ignition system. The wire and electrode are the two main parts that bring the spark created by the ignitor to the gas flowing inside your grill burner. Visually inspect these parts to make sure they aren’t coated with grease or degraded by age. For reference, here is what those parts look like:

You could also have a leak or obstruction of the hose that feeds that gas from the propane tank to your grill cabin. For more information on that particular problem, check out this youtube troubleshooting video.

If you’re having a hard time determining the problem in your grill, give us a call. We have a team of grill repair experts ready to help get you back to grilling!

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    • Hi David, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I hope you found a solution. If not, please consider taking a look at your carryover tubes to see if they are clean inside. Also check to see if your burners are clean inside. Sometimes spiders can make cobwebs that can block the flow of gas which lights the burners and travels through the carryover tubes. Let me know if this helps at all and if you have any further questions.

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