Replacing the Heat Shield – with Video

Hey Y’all! Grill Girl here!

Today we’re going to be replacing the heat shields on Charbroil 463268606 grill.

You will notice it’s time to replace the heat shields (or heat plates, vaporiser bars, flavorizer bars) when they are rusting excessively or have areas that have rusted through, leaving holes. In this case, we could bend the heat shield in half, it was so rusted.

This is a very simple job and usually all you have to do is lift out the old heat shield and set in the new heat shield.

Notice there used to be a peg in the casting of the grill that has rusted away to nothing. You can just rest the heat shield on the casting of the grill. It is still far enough away from the burner that no flames will touch it.

We used a stainless steel plate to replace the original porcelain coated plate. The stainless steel will long outlast the original.

Look at that pretty, shiny new stainless steel part!

Thanks for watching! -GG

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2 thoughts on “Replacing the Heat Shield – with Video

  1. I bought shiny stainless steel heat shields 2 years ago and
    they rusted. They did not outlast anything.
    I will not be buying more heat shields.
    I am not happy.
    The stainless steel must be from Chines coke cans.

    • Mike,

      All stainless steel is not created equal, you’re right!! If you ordered from, please call with your order number so we can get to the bottom of your rusty heat plates!