What’s a Gas Grill Model Number?

And How to Find a Model Number

When you look online for replacement parts, or call the friendly sales rep at GrillPartsSearch.com, the first thing you’ll need is your gas grill model number. Having been that friendly rep, I can tell you that if you don’t know what a model number is or where to find it, that makes you and about a million other people.

In other words, you are not alone.

Let’s define “model number.”

It’s the number or letters, or combination of the two, given to the exact style of your grill. This means there may be hundreds or thousands of the same model grill made and sold. This is the reason replacement companies use model numbers to sell parts. All the grill of the same model will use the same parts. Usually, there is a certain way each manufacturer uses a model number. The manufacturer Nexgrill has seven digit numbers that start with a 7 and are written like this: 720-0061, while Brinkmann starts with an 8 and look like this: 810-2700. Charbroil also uses all numbers but always starts with a 4 and is nine digits long – 463240904.

Now, buckle up because it doesn’t get more simple from here. There are also a lot of manufacturers that use letters in their model numbers as well. A very common one is Member’s Mark. Their model numbers look like this: Y0202XC.

That’s basically how model numbers are structured. Every manufacturer uses a different system so they always know exactly which grills are theirs.

Do you see a LP or an NG hanging off the end of your model number? Nothing to worry about, that just denotes the kind of gas your grill uses. LP stands for Liquid Propane while NG means Natural Gas. Sometimes the LP or NG is a part of the model, sometimes not.

So, how do you find this model number? That’s a little trickier.

  • First, try looking on your original owner’s manual. Usually the model number will be listed on the bottom of each page.
    (I know some of you are looking at the screen in disbelief at the idea you’d still have that old grill manual. Ok, read on)
  • Some grills have small metal plates or labels with certification information on them, including your model number. These plates are usually on the back of each grill.
  • Can’t find it on the back of the grill? Did you look down really low? Try inside the door, on the side of the control panel, under the control panel.

You found a serial number!? Yahoo!!! That’s not the same as a model number and no one lists parts using serial numbers. Sorry. Keep looking.

Still nothing? Or you found it but can’t read it? Well, that’s alright. You don’t have to dump your grill yet. Just measure the parts you need to replace and call 678-272-2451.

Someone will help you.

Stay tuned for tips to get accurate measurements and therefore, THE RIGHT PARTS!!

Toodles. -GG

Originally published Oct. 1, 2012.

Only One Burner Lights on My Grill – How To Fix

Got the fridge stocked for barbeque, but your gas grill isn’t working properly? Only one burner lights, but can’t get all your burners lit?

If only one burner lights, itcould be any number of malfunctions with your gas grill. Below are some of the most common issues we find with gas grills when some or all of the gas grill burners aren’t lighting, or the burner won’t light evenly all the way around.

When Grill Girl takes questions from customers, often you ask “why is it that only one burner lights in my grill?

The most common answer to why only one burner lights is that the carryover tube has rusted out and is not working. Oftentimes, a grill will have an ignitor on one grill burner but not on any of the rest of the burners. The carry over tube or bracket brings the light or flame from the lit burner to the unlit ones. Luckily, it’s an easy fix! Remove the carryover tube, measure it, and find a replacement. They are inexpensive and simple to replace.

Check out this Grill Girl video for a visual explanation:

GrillPartsSearch.com has dozens of replacement carryover tubes and brackets. Our parts are stainless steel and made to fit exactly in your grill. Measure your original piece to find an accurate replacement. If you don’t have the original piece, measure the distance between the burners where the tube would sit.

Carryover tubes take the flame from the lit burner to the unlit burners.

Already checked the carryover tube and found that it was working properly?

There are also other reasons it could be that only one burner lights. It could be a problem with the gas flow in your grill. Debris in your manifold or valves can block gas from reaching your grill burners. Check for debris around the valves and knobs like built-up grime, dust, or even spider webs. Alternatively, you might need to replace the regulator and hose. Regulators can go bad after time. There’s a safety mechanism that shuts off gas flow so it doesn’t create a safety hazard. You can browse available regulator-hose replacements here.

Only One Burner Lights But You Hear Clicking?

Is your gas grill is not lighting, but you hear a loud clicking sound or snap when you push the button? The good news is that your grill ignitor starter is working. You could have an issue with the electrode or wire portion of your ignition system. The wire and electrode are the two main parts that bring the spark created by the ignitor to the gas flowing inside your grill burner. Visually inspect these parts to make sure they aren’t coated with grease or degraded by age. For reference, here is what those parts look like:

You could also have a leak or obstruction of the hose that feeds that gas from the propane tank to your grill cabin. For more information on that particular problem, check out this youtube troubleshooting video.

If you’re having a hard time determining the problem in your grill, give us a call. We have a team of grill repair experts ready to help get you back to grilling!

Until Next time – Grill Girl

Why do people put lava rocks in gas grills?

If you’ve heard of grill rocks or lava rocks, you might be wondering why people put them in gas grills. The main reason is they are a great way to cook your food in a gas grill. Lava rocks are fun, look fantastic cooking your food, and they radiate heat nicely.

Now for the basic starting griller, the metal plates are fine for their gas burner covers. They catch and hold the heat well enough and get your food cooked fine. But lava rocks are just too cool to pass up for such a hot way to cook your food on an outdoor gas grill!

people grilling on a gas grill afternoon barbecue, bbq, lava rocks for gas grills

If you really want to up your barbecue game and impress your friends, your family, and even yourself, read on to find out how nice it is to barbecue your food over heated volcanic stone.

The smoking hot rocks cooking your food turn a barbecue into a luau while you and your guests enjoy cold drinks out of the cooler and a freshly cooked dinner hot off the lava. The rocks look good and they make a great conversation piece.

Is it good to put lava rocks in a gas grill?

Yes, absolutely. This is no hack or jury rig. In fact, lava rocks used to be all the rage. They give gas grillers a way to have a very effective heat cover for their burners with a nice visual presentation. It truly is a more enjoyable way to to fully experience cooking outdoors on a gas grill.

What is an alternative to lava rocks on a gas grill?

You can stick with the metal plate burner covers that come standard with a lot of grills when it’s time to replace yours. You’ll just be the guy with the same boring, mass-produced, cheaply-imported cooking equipment with the metal plates on your burners. We joke, …kinda.

Wouldn’t you rather upgrade to lava rocks? With those volcanic lava rocks on the flames piping heat into your food, you’re a hero. They’re earthy and exotic. They just add character and finery to your grill and outdoor culinary and dining experience.

lava rock in a gas grill, lava rock in gas bbq

What are the benefits of lava rocks?

Lava rocks on the gas grill cook your food evenly because, being made of natural volcanic stone, they hold the heat in hotter for longer. Additionally, they radiate it back out more evenly than metal plates. You will get better flavor with lava rocks.

With metal plate burner covers, the greases and juices from your food drip off into a tray. Instead, rocks catch all the savory drippings, vaporize them, and steam your food in them. You get really delicious food cooking over these rocks.

What’s next?

If you’re interested in making the switch to lava rocks, check out the best lava rock in the world.

Have any questions? Ask them in the comments, or send us an email [email protected]

Happy Grilling!

The Grill Girl

What If The Grill Doesn’t Light?

What to do if your gas grill doesn’t light but it’s time to party!

Is your gas grill ignition button not working? Is the grill igniter clicking but not lighting? No worries and no need to cancel that party or BBQ dinner– you can safely light your grill even if the ignition system in your grill isn’t working!  Use a long-stemmed lighter to light each burner one by one. Just be sure to do it safely by following these steps.

If your ignition is not working, you can still light your gas grill using a lighter. A gas grill ignition malfunction is no reason why you shouldn’t be barbecuing burgers, hot dogs, shish kabobs, or whatever you and your family and friends enjoy today!

If you’re looking to repair or replace your gas grill ignition system, check out our vast list of ignitor parts or get in contact with one of our grill experts to help troubleshoot your problem!

What To Do If The Grill Doesn't Light

1. A Long Stemmed Lighter Is Safer to Light A Gas Grill

You don’t have to be a hero to be a hero. 

For safety’s sake use a long stemmed lighter for candles, fireplaces, and grills, like a BIC Multi-Purpose Classic Edition Candle Lighter with the long metal wand. That way you don’t have to put your hand and half your arm into the grill to light the flammable gas from your grill’s tank.

The great thing about this solution is how accessible it is. If you’ve got a suitable lighter on hand, then use that, but if not, you won’t have to wait around for a new grill part to get dinner ready. A quick run to the convenience store will save the day. 

2. Turn The Burners on One at A Time to Light Them

If the ignition for one burner isn’t working, in most cases grillers find that they aren’t working for the other ones either.

Always begin by opening your gas grill lid. This will help to allow gas from the tank to dissipate in the air. If gas builds up in the grill chamber before you go to light it, there is a risk of injury from a flare up.

Turn the first burner on and put the tip of the lighter next to the burner keeping your hand. Additionally, keep the rest of your person and anything flammable away. Be careful as you use the lighter to let them, and be sure to turn on and light each burner one-at-a-time to avoid gas buildup in your grill.

3. If The Gas Grill Burner Doesn’t Light on Your First Try…

There might be something more than the gas igniter that’s off. It may be that your fuel tank is low or the hose or some connection in your setup is failing. Before you look for the issue and go to replace any of your grill parts, you may want to try again and see if you can get it to light.

If you try to light your grill again, just be sure to leave the grill lid open and let the chamber air out some before making another attempt with your long-stemmed candle lighter.

Safety Note to Grillers: Your safety is your responsibility. Never use a gas grill indoors. Always light your grill with the hood open. If you smell gas, or have trouble lighting your grill, turn off all gas sources and wait 15 minutes before trying again.

Watch Grill Parts Girl explain it instead on our youtube channel!

If you have more questions, leave us a comment! Or, take a minute to go visit our Youtube channel and learn more about your grill. We would love to connect with you there!

Happy Grilling!
-The Grill Parts Girl

Manufacturer Highlight: Expert Grill from Walmart

Here’s a breakdown of what we know about the brand Expert Grill from Walmart.

We just uploaded our parts listing for Expert Grill from Walmart gas grills. We have parts for their most popular gas grills and are adding new models every day. Since it’s a newer brand, we decided to share with you all the information we have so far.

Expert Grills from Walmart have become increasing popular over the past couple of years. Expert Grill Logo by Walmart for Grills, Smokers, Parts, Accessories, CoversWhere can you buy Expert Grills?

Expert Grill is a brand developed by and for Walmart. You can buy Expert Grills in store at your local Walmart, or online at their website and have the grill shipped to you.

We’ve also found Expert Grill branded things on Amazon, Ebay, and other resale websites. However, this brand in the in-house brand for Walmart. So anything you buy that is “Expert Grill” will be originally from Walmart. There is not an “Amazon Expert Grill.” There is a person who has a Walmart Expert Grill and is selling it on Amazon. Make sense?

Walmart makes their own grills now?

Wait a second, that doesn’t sound right. Surely the Walmart corporation hasn’t opened up a factory to manufacture grills? You’re right. They surely haven’t. As is the case with almost all “in-house” brands, the parent company is simply sourcing a product from a manufacturer and putting their own name on it. That’s the case with Expert Grill from Walmart. They are getting the manufacturer Nexgrill to make these grills with the name plate that reads “Expert Grill.”

What do we know about Nexgrill?

Nexgrill has been around for a long time. They have their own line of grills, but also make a lot of grills for other brands including (but not limited to), Charmglow for Home Depot, Kirkland for Costco, and Jennair for Lowes!

Don’t be too surprised. While there are many grill brands (we sell grill parts for over 150 brands on our website), there are a lot fewer actual manufacturers. Want to guess where the majority of grills sold in the US are made? If you guessed China, you’re correct.

So, what does that mean for Expert Grill from Walmart?

I’m not saying Expert Grill will be the same quality as Jennair grills sold by Lowes. The parent company (in this case Walmart) has the end say on how thick the metal used will be, what quality of parts in the grill itself, and support of the products once customers have them.

So does Expert Grill measure up? Customers who have purchased them recently give them high ratings. However, it’s actually a bit early to tell. Grill performance is less about how easy it was to buy the grill, how shiny it looks, or ease of use the first two times you cook on it. It’s a lot more about how the grill cooks the 10th time, the 50th time. It’s about whether or not you need new parts a year after you bought it.

Just in case you’ve been misled by marketing of the industry in the last decade, we’ll make it clear for you, our highly-valued and very smart customer: you shouldn’t need to replace parts in your grill after one year of use. That means the grill has LOW QUALITY parts. It usually means you get what you paid for. So, as with all things, if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Everything else we know about Expert Grill.

Since it’s the brand name for Walmart, alongside the gas grills, you can find is Expert Grill charcoal, Expert Grill smokers, Expert Grill accessories and even an Expert Grill app!

We have the most popular burner, heat plate, and cooking grid parts for Expert Grill gas grills. If you need something else, please give us a call! We love to help people get back to grilling, no matter which brand they own. Call us M-F, 9am-5pm EST, (678) 272-2451 or email us at [email protected], OR order online 24/7.

Y’all have a great day! -Grill Girl

Dynaglo Drip Pan Replacement – We’ve got you covered

Of all the parts our customers ask about, there is no greater need than the Dynaglo Drip Pan Replacement.

Dynaglo drip pan replacement - before and after. New pan available on GrillPartsSearch

Thanks to our happy customer April for sending us a pic of her new Dynaglo drip pan next to her old rusty one!

A few years ago, we started having customers call about their rusty, full-of-holes, drip pans / grease trays / drip trays. Whatever you call them, our customers who owned Dyna-glo gas grills needed new ones. Well, our customers needed Dynaglo drip pan replacements and we’re a gas grill parts replacement company!

Seems like a match made in grill heaven, but the main problem with that was: we didn’t have the part! We were originally able to source some drip pans from Dyna-glo directly, but they quickly ran out and decided not to make any more.

What’s a grill parts company like us to do? Make the Dynaglo drip pans ourselves, of course!

We brought the dimensions of the the most popular Dynaglo drip pans to a metal shop down the street from our warehouse. We worked with them to create a grease tray replacement that would not only replace the original, but outlast it as well. Additionally, we wanted to keep these parts at a price point that made sense for our customers. Since Dyna-glo grills range from $100-$300 new, we understood that most customers would want a low-cost option for parts on these grills.

We designed a galvanized steel replacement drip tray pan for most Dynaglo gas grill models.

Looking for Dynaglo Drip Pan Replacement Parts?

Check out this table with all the sizes and pans we have available. Each tray below is linked, click on the link to see which models each pan fit!

15-1/4″ x 28-5/8″ GPDP70011
15-13/16″ x 26-7/8″ GPDP70012
15-3/8″ x 20″ GPDP10404
15-3/8″ x 33-1/2″ GPDP70013
16″ x 26-1/8″ GPDP10604
16″ x 28-1/8″ GPDP10504
7-1/8″ x 19-1/4″ GPDP10204
7-1/8″ x 26-3/8″ GPDP11304
7-1/8″ x 30-3/8″ GPDP15304

We love having the flexibility to make the parts our customers need.

If you need any parts for your gas grill, give us a call! We are the experts in gas grill repair and we’re here to help.

Grill Girl

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Can We Call Them Grills? | Parts for Smoker Grills

We now offer parts for smoker grills including Primo Ceramic Oval Smokers!

Hey Y’all!

Over the years, we’ve had many customers call and ask about replacement parts for smoker grills, including brands like Big Green Egg, Primo, Chargriller, and Oklahoma Joe’s.

We’ve built our business on supplying replacement gas grill parts. It helps us focus on being experts in valves, regulators, ignition systems, and how gas flows through the grill.

However, much of what we manufacture to support gas grills are also parts in modern day smokers.

For example, we sell cooking grids for gas grills. These same style of grids are in ceramic and box smoker grills!

We are excited to announce that, along with some parts for Big Green Egg, we’ve also added a line of replacement repair parts for smokers by Primo.parts for smoker Primo Ceramic Grill

We have some brand new exact-fit parts for smoker grills by Primo. Check out the high quality cast iron briquette grate that fits Primo Oval Smokers. We also added the upper cooking grid and the lower cooking grid.

If you need accessories, we’ve got you covered there as well.

You can find gaskets, temperature gauges, and roasting racks all under our Primo Smoker parts category.

Did you know that “primo” means “the best” in Italian?

Accordingly, these ceramic smokers are made in the United States and are an oval shape instead of the common circular design. You can buy Primo grills at local dealers across the United States, but we are here to help with all your replacement parts needs. We can proudly say we now ship the parts for smoker grills you need to get back to grilling’!

Additionally, If you need other accessories, check out our listing of “grill gadgets.”

Finally, we’re always here to help.

We have grill experts in the office daily from 9am-5pm Eastern time. They are just a phone call away (678)272-2451. You can also email us 24/7 at [email protected] with all your grill questions.

Happy Smoking/Grilling/Roasting – Cooking Outside!

-Grill Girl

Cleaning Stainless Steel on Gas Grills

Let’s talk about cleaning stainless steel on your gas grill.

We’re beginning to see signs of summer coming to an end. Schools are getting ready. Supplies are going on sale. Your grill has probably already gotten a ton of use this year. How does it look; a little worse for the wear? If you’ve read much on this blog, you know we believe grills are for grilling – not beauty contests! However, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your grill looking nice out in your yard.

A simple chore that packs a visual punch is cleaning stainless steel wherever it might be on your grill.

Some grills have the entire body made of stainless steel. Others might only have a few stainless steel panels or a shelf. No matter how much you have, cleaning and shining it will make a big difference in the overall appearance of your grill.

Here’s the stainless steel shelf that needs cleaning. It’s been out all season and not covered (yikes!). Even considering that party foul, we can get it shined up with the right steps and tools.

stainless steel gas grill dirty stained needs cleaningWhen cleaning stainless steel on a gas grill, you have to remove any excess grease build-up. The first thing this shelf needs is a cleaning with soapy water. Use a little bit of dish detergent – whatever you use on your dishes will work. Use a gentle scrubber to clean, but not scratch, the stainless steel.

Once you get all the grease and grime off your stainless steel, inspect it for additional cleaning needs. This shelf cleaned up nicely, but still had a few rust spots.

You might see spots like this on your stainless steel, or discoloration, or tarnish. For that, you’ll need a specific stainless steel cleaning agent. You can get a bottle of it here. Use that non-scratch scrubber again to work the cleaner onto the surface.

This stuff works like a dream and especially impresses me with the removal of discoloration. There wasn’t a great deal of it on this shelf, but I’ve used this cleaner to remove discoloration from parts inside the grill. Internal parts withstand much higher temperatures and you’ll notice discoloration almost immediately.

stainless steel gas grill clean

It’s hardly recognizable! Now we just need to convince this owner to use a grill cover.

In two simple steps, you’ve got shine!

Keep in mind that not all stainless steel is created equally! Higher quality stainless steel will last longer and clean more easily. For more information about stainless steel, check out this blog: What’s the Deal with Stainless Steel?

Have any questions about cleaning stainless steel on your gas grill? Ask in the comments!

Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker – History and Combo Parts

Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker Grill Combo: the newest model addition to our parts database.

Before we get to the Oklahoma Joe’s combo model, here’s some history about the company.

In 1987, Joe Davidson designed a high-quality barrel-stye smoker and crafted 12 himself. He brought them to the Oklahoma State Fair that year and sold them all. He went home with orders for over 100 more. Over the next ten years, the company grew and continued to create high-quality smokers, the Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker, made in the US.

In 1998, Char-broil purchased the company and began outsourcing the manufacturing of the smokers through their overseas relationships. Oklahoma Joe’s could produce many more smokers at a lower price point.  They now manufacture offset smokers, charcoal grills, drum smokers, portable grills, and pellet smokers.

More importantly, the Oklahoma Joe’s smoker grill combo uses both charcoal and liquid propane in dual chambers. This grill need the expertise of gas grill repair experts and that’s where we come in!

This Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker grill combos are “all-in-one beasts that offer supreme versatility,” according to their website.

How Do Oklahoma Joe’s Smokers do in reviews?

Oklahoma Joe’s smoker reviews reveal that the smokers are about in line with what you would expect from smokers under $500. The smokers do well for anyone starting out on their bbq smoker journey. However, the quality is not high enough for a seasoned pit master.

As far as the smoker grill combo is concerned, they only have one model at this time. The model number is 15202029. The left chamber uses charcoal and the right chamber has three liquid propane burners. The three burners are each covered but a heat plate. Above that is a set of cast iron cooking grids. It’s a pretty standard set-up for a gas grill. The only difference is that a charcoal smoker is attached to the left of it!

Any grill that offers a gas combo will have a burner and heat distribution system. We’re here to help with those parts. Our current listing includes parts made to replace Oklahoma Joe’s OEM parts. Find the burner (16771), carryover tube (05590), cooking grid (61754), heat plate (94291), electronic starter (IGEIB4), and ignitor electrode (04432).

If you need help repairing the gas grill side of your combo Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker, give us a call! We’re here to help with decades of gas grill expertise. Reach our office M-F 9am-5pm, EST at 67-272-2451. Email us any time, [email protected], and order anytime at GrillPartsSearch.com

What’s the Deal with Stainless Steel?

Original Publish Date 02-15-2013

stainless steel

There’s a lot of disappointment floating around when it comes to one material currently on the market: stainless steel.

The two main issues are:
1) Why does my “stainless steel” rust?
2) Why is my “stainless steel” magnetic?

I put stainless steel in quotation marks because that’s how most people would phrase the questions. If either of the two above things were accurate, our customers would believe their item must not be stainless steel…


No, actually that’s not correct. There are different grades of stainless steel and they all act differently when introduced to either heat or water. In our grilling cases, that would be BOTH!!!

To clear it up, the General Manager at GrillPartsSearch.com has written up a guest blog explanation.

Take it away Will!!!

There are two general series of stainless steel grades used in the gas grill industry: 300 series and 400 series.

The 300 series group of alloys are non-magnetic and the basic 300 alloy contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
The 400 Series group of alloys are magnetic and the basic 400 alloy contains 11% chromium and 1% manganese. This series offers a much lower cost option in stainless steel parts.
-The 300 series is subject to corrosion at crevice points, while the 400 series has a considerably lower resistance to corrosion in general.

Knowing that, we choose the parts we sell to our customers very carefully! We try to gain as much information as possible about the grades of stainless steel we offer our customers so we can help them know what to expect from the parts they purchase.

Here’s how that information translates in grilling terms:

Cooking grids are exposed to more liquids and less heat, compared to other parts in a grill. In the case of cooking grids, the extra expense of the 300 series can be worth it. 300 series stainless is less prone to rust but the less than ideal conditions inside a grill will definitely degrade even the highest quality stainless steel. 304 is the most common type of stainless steel in the world, while 316 is generally the highest grade stainless you will find in ordinary applications, and both will degrade in a grill. While we used to carry a limited few grids made from 316 series stainless steel, manufacturers of grill parts worldwide have slowly removed these offerings from their lines of parts. We no longer have any 316 series grids, but carry multiple 304 series grids. You can check them out here and view by material type.

As for burners and heat plates, they certainly are exposed to moisture but are exposed to much more heat.

Heat is just as much of an enemy to steel, if not more so, as moisture and oxygen. Heating and cooling are used in the production of metals to actually change the chemical/molecular bonds and subsequent performance of the metal. It is no different inside your grill. While 300 series stainless will technically last longer than a 400 series plate of equal thickness, the benefit is only marginal. That marginal benefit compared to the substantial increase in cost doesn’t really pay off. We have found by spending a little more to make the plate out of a thicker 400 series stainless, you gain close to the same amount of life you would get out of a 300 series product at a fraction of the cost.

If you ever have any other questions about stainless steel or the applications of such in your grill, we’d love to help!

Just give reach out via email [email protected], phone 678-272-2451, or this helpful form!!!

Thanks so much Will!!!

That’s all for now,

Happy Friday!


Photo by Yender Fonseca from Pexels

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