10 Things You Never Thought of Grilling

10 Things You Never Thought of Grilling, But Should

Spring has officially sprung here in the South, although we are still getting a few cold and gray days. On days like today, where it’s just chilly and drizzly enough that you don’t want to go anywhere, I often find myself daydreaming about the wonderful things I could cook if it weren’t so darn dreary outside. So while I wait for the rain to pass, I put together a list of 10 things you never thought of grilling. I thought I would share some of my favorite and slightly unorthodox things to grill with you. It’s also a great moment to remind you that you can get tons of fun accessories to make your grilling easier and better right here.

peaches - on the list of 10 things your never thought about grilling

 1. Pineapple and Mangoes

I know some of you are looking at me like I’m crazy right about now, but trust me on this. Cut a fresh mango into medium sized chunks. Do the same with your pineapple, or use canned pineapple chunks. Slide these on a shish kebab, alternating mango with pineapple. Grapes are nice with this too—pretty much any fruit can be used. Grill on low to medium heat for about ten minutes with your grill cover open. The fruit should start to crisp up on the outside, but remain tender on the inside. These are great for dessert or a special treat!

2. Pound cake

One of the great things about grilling is finding new ways to spice up old recipes. For a new take on an old favorite, toss a few slices of pound cake on a grill heated to high heat and cook for five minutes per side. Keep the lid down. Serve warm with fresh berries, vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with honey. For a great pound cake recipe check out this grilled pound cake with pineapple salsa and tequila whipped cream on Epicurious.

3. Peaches

Some fruits take to grilling better than others. Peaches are a fool-proof grilling fruit. For the most basic grilled peaches, cut four or five peaches in half and remove the pits. Brush each side with melted butter. Grill them on medium heat for about five minutes on each side. They should become soft and nicely charred. Grilled peaches go great with pork and can be easily spiced up and modified. Try sprinkling them with cinnamon or brushing with your favorite BBQ sauce instead of butter. The possibilities are endless! They make a great side dish to any summer meal, but go especially well with BBQ ribs.

4. Meatloaf

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of leftovers. It just feels so…desolate. But when you can take a leftover and make it into a whole new meal, I’m game. Enter a grilled meatloaf sandwich.  Warm up a slice of leftover meatloaf on the grill. Toast a few slices of sourdough bread alongside it, add some lettuce, tomato, and red onion, and you’ve got yourself a grilled meatloaf sandwich to please even the pickiest of eaters. If you don’t have a stand by meatloaf recipe, try this one from Food.com.

5. S’mores

This is great if you’ve got little ones who you may not want gallivanting around a fire. Kids can help assemble the s’mores before handing them off to a grown up to grill. Just sandwich a marshmallow and piece of chocolate between two graham crackers and wrap in tinfoil. Grill the tinfoil bundles four to five minutes on medium heat, or until the marshmallows have melted. In fact, we highlighted this in our Facebook Page.

6. Clams

One of my favorite parts of visiting my grandparents was going clam digging with my grandfather. We would spend all day at the beach, and when the sun set go home and grill up everything we found. Grilling clams is simple and easy, even if you decide to go with store bought clams instead of fresh caught. This recipe from Bonappetit.com is delicious, and definitely worth a try for anyone who enjoys seafood.

7. Pizza

A homemade grilled pizza is a world away from your classic delivery not-super-healthy options. Start out using a pita bread as your pizza crust. Brush each side of the pita with olive oil. Grill one side for three to four minutes on medium-high heat, then flip it over. Top this side with tomato sauce, shredded cheese, pineapple, or any topping of your choice! Cook until the cheese has melted, and enjoy!

8. Nachos

I love nachos. You can do so much with them! There’s something really exciting about taking a basic junk food and making it into a delicious, healthy meal. Grilling nachos gives them a smoky deliciousness that oven-made nachos can’t even come close to. My favorite recipe is this one from Bobby Flay for The Food Network. It’s a little more effort than you usually expect to put into nachos, but it is well worth every moment.

9. Green Tomatoes

I live in Georgia, and for better or worse this means everyone and their grandmother will be munching on fried green tomatoes for most of the spring and summer. They’re a decent little snack, but everything needs a little variety. It’s easy to grill tomatoes, and they’re much healthier grilled than fried. If you want to take your tomatoes beyond simply grilling and munching try this recipe from Good Housekeeping.

10. Artichokes

This recipe from CarolinesCooking.com requires a little more than just tossing artichokes on the grill, but the effort is worth it. Grilling artichokes in the final step locks in flavor that would be lost simply boiling the artichokes, and gives them a unique texture. They go great with grilled chicken of any kind, or with fettuccine alfredo.

So, are you inspired to fire up your grill and try something new? I hope so. What was your favorite on the list of 10 things you never thought of grilling? I’m currently looking over the above and doing an inventory of the ingredients in my fridge/pantry…

I think I have stuff to makes s’mores…



Turkey Day!! Thanksgiving Turkey on The Grill

this turkey on the grill article was updated june 2021

Anyone out throwing a turkey on the grill this Thanksgiving?

I looked around at some recipes and it seems to me that you cook a turkey on the grill pretty much the same way you cook a turkey in the oven. The only difference is that you’ll get some really amazing flavor from using the grill. What you’ll want to order now is some gas grill smoking chips. Before you begin, preheat your oven and gather supplies. Completely defrost your turkey before putting it on the grill. You’ll also need an aluminum drip pan and some seasonings. We recommend picking up a bottle of white wine as well because it adds a great base of flavor if your pour some in that drip pan. Grab your preferred seasonings for the outside of your turkey and that’s about it!

Here are the basic tips for turkey on the grill:

1) Use a medium-high heat setting on your grill.

The heat definitely needs to be indirect so MAKE SURE the heat tents or briquettes that cover your burners are in good shape!!

2) Place an aluminum pan

on top of the briquettes or heat tents in your grill and directly under your bird. This pan will catch the juices and evaporate them back for more deliciousness.

3) Season the bird

with salt, pepper and oil, or anything else you normally use and tie the legs as normal. (Cook your stuffing in the house).

4) Place the bird in the grill breast side up.

5) Grill for 11 to 13 minutes per pound

(instant read thermometer should say 180 degrees F and the juices will run clear).

6) Let it stand for 15 minutes

before you carve it and serve it to all those amazed faces.

Check out this video from the Grill Girl where she puts her turkey on a grill!

Yup, you’re the bomb!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all.


Master your turkey on the grill this Thanksgiving

This turkey was smoked on a grill at my very own house.
(and it was fantastic)

Who Grills in the Fall? Tips for Smoking on Your Grill.

Just because it’s October, and we’ve officially moved into fall, don’t close up your grilling shop yet! Smoking on your grill is a great activity as the weather gets cooler.

If it’s not so covered in snow you can’t lift the hood, we think you should still grill!

Sure, you might not feel like burger and hot dogs are the best menu items out there, since it might leave your neighbors wondering if you know which month we’re in. Even so, there are lots of things you can put on the grill that are totally seasonally appropriate.

How about some smoked goodness? Doesn’t that sound autumn-esque? Check out the post we have on smoking on your grill here. There are lots of foods just begging for the additional smoky flavor a slow cook on your grill provides. One of the things you’ll need is smoking chips. We have a whole page dedicated to smoking accessories for your gas grill.

Consider a low and slow cook on some pork or beef ribs right there in your gas grill. It can be done! If you want to do something larger like a pork butt or pork picnic, just remember to give yourself enough time! Most smoking authorities allocate 10-12 hours for a pork butt. Get some smoky flavor into your next batch of chicken wings or even throw a dozen bratwursts on the grill at a low temperature. The smoky air created by the smoking chips and the low temperature will give your brats a flavor far richer than straight out of the package. Don’t forget the famous beef brisket. Here’s a highly rated recipe from the Food Network for a smoked brisket. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Oklahoma Joe’s Smoked Brisket Flat

Happy Grilling! -GG