Why Do I Have Flare-Ups?

Flare-ups in your grill are not always a sign something bad is happening.

Sometimes a bit of grease hits a flame and – poof – you see the flame because it was fueled for a moment and jumped up into your line of sight.

However, if you have a lot of flare-ups, or one spot that seems to flare a lot, that’s probably going to be a problem you can easily fix.

The first thing to check if your “heat dispersal.” What’s covering your burner? Is it protected properly from the drippings of your food? If there are large holes, your plate is falling apart, or missing entirely, that’s why you have the flare-ups!

Here’s a little video to show how easy it is to fix that problem:

Easily find your heat dispersal replacement now!

If you have brand new heat plates, heat tents, vapor bars, flavor bars (or whatever you call them!), and you still have flare-ups, give us a call. We’re always happy to help! 877-244-0737


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2 thoughts on “Why Do I Have Flare-Ups?

  1. when i turn on my grill the heat comes out the front of the grill and it melts the plastic inside the knobs even with lid down. Do you have any idea what i could do to fix it. I have a Jen air model #720-0164.

    • Phoebe,

      That sounds dangerous! It also sounds like you’re getting what’s called a “flash-back.” That’s caused by some blockage behind the knob that’s causing the lit gas (aka – fire) to come up around your knobs. It could be some grease, debris or even a small spider web, but definitely something to check out!!