Temperature Gauges

Know you're cooking at the right temperature with a Temperature Gauge...

The temperature gauge indicates the internal temperature of your grill. If you want to take your grilling beyond just burgers and hotdogs, a good temperature gauge makes it easier to cook items that require longer grilling times or specific temperatures. A properly functioning temperature gauge is a huge convenience and can make grilling much easier. Selecting which temperature gauge you need is as simple as counting the mounting holes on your grill (usually one or two) and measuring the diameter of these holes. For dual mounting holes, also measure the distance between the holes. (You may see three holes when you remove your old temperature gauge. The center hole will accommodate the temperature probe while the holes to either side of the center hole are used for mounting.)

It is important to note that most temperature gauges are universal. This means that, assuming the diameter of the gauge and the number of mounting holes is correct, the manufacturer of the gauge does not need to be the same as the manufacturer of your grill.


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