The first part of any grilling session begins with lighting it up with a gas grill ignitor! Though it is possible to use a long-stemmed match or lighter, the safest and most convenient way to ignite your gas grill is a properly-functioning grill ignition system, consisting of a spark generator, electrodes and connecting wire.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
If you have an electronic push button system you should hear a rapid *click*click*click*click*click* when you hold down the button. If you do not hear this noise, make sure you have tried replacing the battery (usually a AA or AAA right behind the button, which screws off). If you still get no juice with a new battery, it's time to replace your electronic ignition module. If you hear the clicking sound but your burners are still not lighting***, your electrodes are most likely the culprit. These thin metal probes are prone to early failure due to their location inside the grill and tendency to get covered with grease or rust. If you have a manual (sometimes called piezo) push button or rotary style ignitor, and new electrodes don't solve the problem,these spark generators are most likely to blame, though they tend to outlast the automatic battery style. Also, make sure to order new wires if you need them. Some of our electrodes are sold with wires, some without. In addition, if your original electrodes' or spark generator's wires are not removable, you will need to buy new wires, as you will not be able to attach your originals to the new ignitor components you get from us.

***Diagnosing ignition problems assumes you have gas flowing through the burners. If you have a regulator or other gas-flow issue, your grill will not light even if your ignition system is functioning perfectly.

For even more ignition troubleshooting help, check out these tips from one of our manufacturers.

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