Regulators / Hoses / Fittings

How Does Gas Get to My Grill?

The term "regulator" is usually used in the grill world to describe the regulator, hose and fitting that bring gas from your LP tank and connects it to your grill. Technically, the regulator is the silver colored disc. The hose connects it to the brass fitting which is the part that screws onto your grill. Right next to the regulator is a collar that twists freely. That's the part that screws onto the LP tank. Though you should always turn off your LP tank when you're done cooking! Continue reading

How Do I Reset My Gas Grill Regulator?

Before you replace your regulator, reset it! Regulators have a safety feature which can cause the gas flow to be temporarily suspended under certain circumstances. To reset, first turn your propane tank and all burner control knobs completely off. Then disconnect the regulator from the tank. Leave it alone for 15-20 minutes. Then reconnect. Make sure the connection is tight where the regulator hose connects to the grill. You need to use a wrench and make sure it is a snug fit but don't over-tighten. Then turn your tank on. Then your burners and try to light. If you still have no gas, it's time to replace the regulator!


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