Gas Grill Valves

webs The valve is the source of gas to the burner. There are both single and dual valves sending gas to single burners, dual burners, or multiple separate burners. The output of a grill valve is through an orifice of precise size that relates to the type of gas being used, usually LP (liquid propane) or NG (natural gas).

The orifice can get plugged by spiders spinning webs in the opening. This will prevent the burner from supplying enough heat for proper cooking and possibly cause a "flashback" fire behind the control panel.

Cleaning each orifice is a necessary part of normal grill maintenance. 1) Lift the burner and venturi tubes away from the back of the valve. 2) The orifice is removable with a 3/8" wrench. Close examination can reveal web structures in the orifice and in the valve tube. These can be cleaned out using a wooden toothpick, cotton swab or a blast of air. Sometimes you can get the spider to clean it out for you by offering a fresh insect. Do not use a nail, knife or other sharp metal object that could damage or widen the orifice. 3) After replacing the orifices, clean out the venturi tubes before positioning them back in place over the orifices. Clogged venturis can also lead to flashback fires.


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