Carryover Tubes & Burner Brackets

What are Carryover Tubes and Burner Brackets?In a gas grill, carryover tubes and burner support brackets serve a similar function: They connect each burner to the next to allow you to light the main burner using the ignition system and then turn on the rest of the burners without using the ignition system, as opposed to grills which require you to use your ignition system to light each burner. Carryover tubes are designed specifically for this function where as burner brackets also serve to hold up the burners. Grills made by different manufacturers, such as Charmglow, Brinkmann, or Thermos, require different sizes and shapes of carryover tubes or burner brackets. If you have any uncertainty about which size or part to order, give us a call.

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Brinkmann Burner Bracket, Stainless Steel | 35-3/4″
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MHP GJK Burner Support
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