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Stainless Steel Burner - Brinkmann

Stainless Steel Burner - Brinkmann
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Weight 0.70 lbs
Product Type Burner
Length (Longest Dimension) 14.5
Material Stainless Steel
Our price: $28.32

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Brinkmann 810-9210-F
Brinkmann 810-9210-M
Brinkmann 810-9210-S
Brinkmann 810-9211-M
BRINKMANN 810-9211-S
BRINKMANN 810-9212-S
Brinkmann 810-9213-M
BRINKMANN 810-9213-S
BRINKMANN 810-9310-S
Brinkmann 810-9311-M
BRINKMANN 810-9311-S
Brinkmann 810-9410-F
Brinkmann 810-9410-M
Brinkmann 810-9410-S
BRINKMANN 810-9510-S
Charmglow 810-9210-F
Charmglow 810-9410-F
Outdoor Gourmet SRGG21101
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Asked by David on Aug 4, 2018
To remove straight tube burners, remove the cooking grid and heat plates. In the back of the grill, there is a a screw holding the burner down, if you are unable to unscrew it, you can drill the screw head out. Then slightly lift the back of the burner and pull towards the back of the grill. To attach the new burner reverse the process. Put the burner over the end of the valve and attach it to the back of the grill. If you are unable to reuse the screws, we suggest getting stainless steel sheet metal screws from you local hardware store.
Answered by Susan on Aug 6, 2018