Cooking Grid, Porcelain-Coated - 14" x 21-5/8"

Cooking Grid, Porcelain-Coated - 14" x 21-5/8"
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Shipping Weight ** 3.50 lbs
Product Type Cooking Grid
Depth (Front to Back Measurement) 14
Material Porcelain Coated Steel
Our price: $39.95

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Charbroil GG1217, DMT
Charbroil GG1218
Charbroil GG1233 (ECK, BP, GC)
Charbroil GG1233, GC
Charbroil GG1238 (3CK, ECK)
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Charbroil GG1463, C
Charbroil GG1464 (6, C, R, T)
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Charbroil GG1466 (6, BP, C, CTC, PW)
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Charbroil GG1468, C
Charbroil GG1469
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