Manufacturer Highlight: Uniflame

Uniflame Grills

Who makes them, who sells them, and how to keep yours running!

As far as I can determine, the Uniflame grill brand has been around since the early 2000’s.

Usually in the grill industry, every brand seems to either be related to another brand, own another brand, make another brand or get purchased by another brand and it’s no different with Uniflame. That makes it extremely difficult to track down the exact beginnings of Uniflame.

It seems that they made Sunbeam grills many years ago, before they were bought out by the company Blue Rhino (think propane tanks at the gas station and you’ve got the right company).

Currently, Uniflame holds a decent share of the lower-end gas grill market. Walmart sells the grills at a low price point so they are accessible to a lot of people. Additionally, people seem to be willing to buy replacement burners and heat plates to keep their grills working.

So, what does that mean for all of us? When a grill brand is popular, we will sell the parts for it. Uniflame seems to have a fairly streamlined model number system at this point. It’s not difficult to repair your grill and in many cases the replacement parts are even higher quality than the originals in your grill! When you know that you might need Uniflame burners, cooking grids, heat plates, briquette grates, carry-over tubes, or knobs, it can seem very overwhelming. The good news is that we are dedicated to making your search for replacement Uniflame gas grill parts as easy as throwing a steak on the grill!

If you’re wondering how we can tell you we have parts that will fit your grill, here’s what we do; each  year we get new parts for Uniflame grills, like burners, cooking grids, heat shields, and carryover tubes. Then, we do research on your grill model numbers using the online manuals, grill sizes, and information from Uniflame, Blue Rhino and other sources. This allows us to show the exact parts for your model number. We have a drop down list that includes every Uniflame gas grill model number we know and list those parts we sell for each.

Still have questions about your Uniflame grill? Call us and we’ll do our best to determine the correct parts for your grill and the Uniflame replacement parts you need.

There is a great selection of high quality parts for Uniflame gas grills available on our website, including new stainless steel burners, stainless steel heat plates, and cooking grids that were added to our line this year!

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