Weber Genesis II : Weber Series Highlight

Weber GrillWeber Genesis II series gas grills have been around for a few years now. However, they’ve recently gotten an update from the manufacturer, so newer models have some upgrades.

While Weber Genesis II has been around for a few years, the new Weber grill model is simply GENESIS in all caps.

They now have a new style of burner and stainless steel parts, but many aspects remain the same. Here’s what’s updated on the new GENESIS grills.

What’s different from the old Genesis II gas grills?

The new version Weber GENESIS offers upgraded features and stainless steel grill parts:

  • More space and a taller hood
  • Larger warming racks
  • Standard cabinet doors
  • Handle lights

Genesis II vs. GENESIS:

All of that means bigger birds, bigger cuts of meat, more food, and greater convenience and luxury in an outdoor gas grill. GENESIS is also standardized to Weber’s latest cookware.

What people are saying about Weber GENESIS

The most common question online about the Weber Genesis 2 is:

“Why is Weber so expensive?”

Well they’ve got the answer to their own question, because the second most common question online about the Weber Genesis II is:

“How long does the Weber Genesis grill last?” 

Here’s an answer to that:

“An average Weber gas grill will last up to 10 years. High-quality materials used for making Weber grills ensure guaranteed longevity.”

Now that’s not from Weber. Of course they would say that about their own grill. That is from Carnivore Style, a meat lover’s diet and lifestyle news source.

They don’t have any agenda about gas grills versus charcoal grills or one gas grill brand versus another. All they care about is the meat.

So at first glance that’s probably a pretty objective source of information. Now what would you guess is the average gas grill’s longevity?

According to Watson’s outdoor pool furniture outlet, the average American replaces their grill every three years. Now why is Weber Genesis 2 the expensive gas grill again?

Rave Weber Genesis II reviews

Online reviewers who’ve had their Genesis grills for years rave about them. In one YouTube comment on a Weber Genesis II gas grill review, someone said:

“I have this grill and generally love it. The temperature control, uniformity of cooking, and flavor profile is excellent.”

But they added:

“However, I’m having a hard time getting any sear marks on the food with the stainless steel grates. I like the taste of the caramelized food that searing gives; I don’t want burning. Do others have this problem or any suggestions?”

Seemingly in response to their customers’ concerns, now GENESIS grills come standard with the searing station out of the box.

The truth of the matter is that most grillers love their Webers. There are certainly a few drawbacks, but Weber owners seem able to find ways around the drawback and keep their grills on their decks for many years.

Weber is a brand we support at Check out the listing of parts we have, if your grill is 2 years old or 20! We also have a line of accessories to enhance any griller’s bbq.

Do you love your Weber? What model do you have? Leave us a comment in the field below and Happy Grilling!

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