Expert Grill from Walmart | Info on This BBQ Grill Brand

Here’s a breakdown of what we know about the brand Expert Grill from Walmart.

Original Publish Date: 11-07-2022 | Updated 5-24-2024

We just uploaded our parts listing for Expert Grill from Walmart gas grills. We have parts for their most popular gas grills and are adding new models every day. Since it’s a newer brand, we decided to share with you all the information we have so far.

Expert Grills from Walmart have become increasing popular over the past couple of years. Expert Grill Logo by Walmart for Grills, Smokers, Parts, Accessories, CoversWhere can you buy Expert Grills?

Expert Grill is a brand developed by and for Walmart. You can buy Expert Grills in store at your local Walmart, or online at their website and have the grill shipped to you.

We’ve also found Expert Grill branded things on Amazon, Ebay, and other resale websites. However, this brand in the in-house brand for Walmart. So anything you buy that is “Expert Grill” will be originally from Walmart. There is not an “Amazon Expert Grill.” There is a person who has a Walmart Expert Grill and is selling it on Amazon. Make sense?

Walmart makes their own grills now?

Wait a second, that doesn’t sound right. Surely the Walmart corporation hasn’t opened up a factory to manufacture grills? You’re right. They surely haven’t. As is the case with almost all “in-house” brands, the parent company is simply sourcing a product from a manufacturer and putting their own name on it. That’s the case with Expert Grill from Walmart. They are getting the manufacturer Nexgrill to make these grills with the name plate that reads “Expert Grill.”

What do we know about Nexgrill?

Nexgrill has been around for a long time. They have their own line of grills, but also make a lot of grills for other brands including (but not limited to), Charmglow for Home Depot, Kirkland for Costco, and Jennair for Lowes!

Don’t be too surprised. While there are many grill brands (we sell grill parts for over 150 brands on our website), there are a lot fewer actual manufacturers. Want to guess where the majority of grills sold in the US are made? If you guessed China, you’re correct.

So, what does that mean for Expert Grill from Walmart?

I’m not saying Expert Grill will be the same quality as Jennair grills sold by Lowes. The parent company (in this case Walmart) has the end say on how thick the metal used will be, what quality of parts in the grill itself, and support of the products once customers have them.

So does Expert Grill measure up? Customers who have purchased them recently give them high ratings. However, it’s actually a bit early to tell. Grill performance is less about how easy it was to buy the grill, how shiny it looks, or ease of use the first two times you cook on it. It’s a lot more about how the grill cooks the 10th time, the 50th time. It’s about whether or not you need new parts a year after you bought it.

Just in case you’ve been misled by marketing of the industry in the last decade, we’ll make it clear for you, our highly-valued and very smart customer: you shouldn’t need to replace parts in your grill after one year of use. That means the grill has LOW QUALITY parts. It usually means you get what you paid for. So, as with all things, if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Everything else we know about Expert Grill.

Since it’s the brand name for Walmart, alongside the gas grills, you can find is Expert Grill charcoal, Expert Grill smokers, Expert Grill accessories and even an Expert Grill app!

We have the most popular burner, heat plate, and cooking grid parts for Expert Grill gas grills.

How Do I Contact Expert Grill?

Expert Grill Customer Service Line: 1-833-908-2026

We ( are NOT affiliated with Expert Grill or Walmart

Expert Grill is a Walmart brand of gas grills. We only sell grill replacement parts. We do not offer manufacturer customer service for Expert Grill.

Y’all have a great day! -Grill Girl

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  2. I bought a expert Grill 4 burner with a side burner that’s about 5 months old in the igniters do not work what do I need to do to fix it

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