All You Need to Know About Phoenix Gas Grills

Have you heard of Phoenix gas grills? They have many unique qualities that set them apart from other grills sold in the US today.

With their high quality manufacturing (US-Made), and their versatility, Phoenix gas grills are definitely worth keeping in your backyard and out of a landfill.

Phoenix Gas Grill Model SDRIVDDP or SDRIVDDN. Parts for Phoenix Gas GrillsWho makes Phoenix gas grills?

The company that makes Phoenix gas grills is called “ProFire.” They are a division of MHP (Modern Home Products), which has been making and selling gas grills in the United States since the 1950’s. Check out their story on how they invented outdoor gas grill!

What sets the Phoenix gas grills apart?

  • Quality Construction – Made in the US
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Mesh Grid
  • Solid Brass Dual Valve
  • Vents with a Damper Slide
  • Cast Aluminum Drip Pan Over Burners
    • No Flare-Ups
    • Drippings From Food Are Caught by Pan
    • Allows for Steaming of Food by Adding Water
    • Easy to drain
  • Sta-Cool Swivel Handle
  • All Models Available in Propane or Natural Gas

Where can you buy a Phoenix gas grill?

Modern Home Products and ProFire work with dealers to get their grills to the end user. You can enter your state here to find a dealer near you. Local dealers are our favorite way of purchasing high-end grills because you get a chance to see the models in person before purchase. Buying from a local dealer also supports the local economy and those in communities where we live. Support Small Business!

If you can’t find a local dealer, you can find Phoenix gas grill online at Amazon or BBQGuys.

Looking for the model number on your Phoenix gas grill?

This can be tricky because the model is on a sticker on the side of the control panel. It’s to clearly evident as the informational stock because it blends in with the design of the grill. More of a visual learner? Check out this video from the Grill Parts Girl showing you where to find the model and what to look for. As mentioned in the video, the model number on MHP gas grills and Phoenix gas grills is in the same place.

If your grill is a built-in, it may be difficult or even impossible to see your model number. Don’t worry. There are still plenty of Phoenix gas grill experts out there doing business today. Give us a call and we will help determine which Phoenix grill model you have by the dimensions of your grill and parts.

Where can you get support, parts, and accessories for Phoenix gas grills?

Last but not least, when you have such a high quality gas grill, it will last for a long time. It’s very common to need a few parts every couple years to keep your grill up and running. As a dealer with a long-time business relationship with Modern Home Products, we are proud to offer their full line of Phoenix gas grill parts, accessories, and replacements. 

Does the list of parts make you feel overwhelmed? Maybe you don’t see the parts for Phoenix gas grills you need? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 678-272-2451 or email us at [email protected]. We promise that is the part is available, we will get it to you. If it’s not available, we’ll look anyway and let you know what we find.

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