Dynaglo Drip Pan Replacement – We’ve got you covered

Of all the parts our customers ask about, there is no greater need than the Dynaglo Drip Pan Replacement.

Dynaglo drip pan replacement - before and after. New pan available on GrillPartsSearch

Thanks to our happy customer April for sending us a pic of her new Dynaglo drip pan next to her old rusty one!

A few years ago, we started having customers call about their rusty, full-of-holes, drip pans / grease trays / drip trays. Whatever you call them, our customers who owned Dyna-glo gas grills needed new ones. Well, our customers needed Dynaglo drip pan replacements and we’re a gas grill parts replacement company!

Seems like a match made in grill heaven, but the main problem with that was: we didn’t have the part! We were originally able to source some drip pans from Dyna-glo directly, but they quickly ran out and decided not to make any more.

What’s a grill parts company like us to do? Make the Dynaglo drip pans ourselves, of course!

We brought the dimensions of the the most popular Dynaglo drip pans to a metal shop down the street from our warehouse. We worked with them to create a grease tray replacement that would not only replace the original, but outlast it as well. Additionally, we wanted to keep these parts at a price point that made sense for our customers. Since Dyna-glo grills range from $100-$300 new, we understood that most customers would want a low-cost option for parts on these grills.

We designed a galvanized steel replacement drip tray pan for most Dynaglo gas grill models.

Looking for Dynaglo Drip Pan Replacement Parts?

Check out this table with all the sizes and pans we have available. Each tray below is linked, click on the link to see which models each pan fit!

15-1/4″ x 28-5/8″ GPDP70011
15-13/16″ x 26-7/8″ GPDP70012
15-3/8″ x 20″ GPDP10404
15-3/8″ x 33-1/2″ GPDP70013
16″ x 26-1/8″ GPDP10604
16″ x 28-1/8″ GPDP10504
7-1/8″ x 19-1/4″ GPDP10204
7-1/8″ x 26-3/8″ GPDP11304
7-1/8″ x 30-3/8″ GPDP15304

We love having the flexibility to make the parts our customers need.

If you need any parts for your gas grill, give us a call! We are the experts in gas grill repair and we’re here to help.

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